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[8th January 2003|15:29]
[ mood | excited ]

ANNOUNCEMENT, ALL BRITISH ANIME FANS (and any Americans who fancy a British con? XD).

"The AyaCon Committee is pleased to announce
our next Anime Convention:-

Aya Again 2003

31 Oct - 2 Nov 2003, Northampton, UK

More details and registration information will follow shortly.


Bookmark that site, kiddies. :D
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[10th December 2002|10:54]
[ mood | amused ]

Ne, floria_del_guiz. Just finished my work, managed to include the phrase "15th century cathedral setting".

Although, credit where it's due, Greg was the one who brought up the 15th century, I just added the cathedral for fun and frolics. XD

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[7th December 2002|22:00]
[ mood | amused ]

Big huge amounts of quizlets!Collapse )

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[6th December 2002|19:39]
[ mood | amused ]


Picture! Funky! Love it! :DCollapse )

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[2nd December 2002|13:11]
[ mood | silly ]

How's this for stupidity?


Community. Go join. XD

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[30th November 2002|23:02]
[ mood | pensive ]


For MinamiCon, in two cosplay groups with people. Howeverrrrr.........

Not really got huge amounts of enthusiasm for costumes. Would people get offended if I said "I wanna do a different costume instead!"? I mean, if people would still rather like groups, that's cool, I'll carry on. After all, it is huge fun getting grabbed in your group and lumped together for photos. :D

I just... meh, I want to do other costumes but I don't want to let people down. Work with me, people! Tell me what I should do!

And in other news, just checking 4thegame.com. How on earth do Newcastle have two games in hand whereas everyone else in the Premier League has one or none? I don't think it's physically possible to be the only team with a game in hand, it would mean some other team has played no one. Or something. *very confused*

Wheeeee, rare public entry! Later, kiddies!

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[17th November 2002|21:08]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Am thinking about creating a LiveJournal community just for UK (and Ireland XD) anime fans.

Sound a good idea? No? Should I maybe find something else to waste my codes on? XD

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[15th November 2002|19:26]
[ mood | hungry ]

Note to UK kiddies - there are only 42 places left for MinamiCon 9.

If you wanna go and haven't registered yet, do so *immediately*.


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Nyah! [9th October 2002|22:41]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today, I got further in 'Final Fantasy X' than I have ever got! I'm in the Calm Lands (last time I had my Insanity, I deleted the game just before fighting *AHEMSPOILER* in Bevelle) and everyone's rockingly good levels. :D Naturally, I'm going to get them higher, just by poncing around the Calm Lands a bit...

And my room is half tidy! Now for the other half... dammit!

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Bleh. [9th October 2002|12:21]
[ mood | blah ]

I set my alarm early this morning so I could have a shower before lectures. Then when it went off, I proceeded to go "Uggg", reset it for fifteen minutes before first lecture and go back to sleep. XD

Hence the Fidel Castro look today! I have on my dark green fleece and my SG-1 hat. If I had a beard, I would just *scream* "Cuban dictator!" at you (well, he might not be a dictator, I've just realised that all I know of him is the name, nationality and look...). So must remember to have shower after seminar! Grrr! I ming! XP

Still haven't gone to get my NUS card. Wondering if it's worth it at all, seeing as I kinda never shop in places that do student discount. Oh well. And should TIDY MY ROOM TODAY.

So the day goes:

- run to town, get money, have lunch
- go to seminar
- have shower
- pass out

Then tomorrow I can frolic into Carmarthen and buy stuff for sewing. W00t!

Bah. I have a rich and fruitful subconscious.

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Wow! [8th October 2002|21:46]
[ mood | giddy ]


Look, dammit!Collapse )

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Grargh. [8th October 2002|12:34]
[ mood | busy ]

I go away Thursday, I come back Sunday, internet is down until Tuesday. I *am* going to try and get through my friends page but if I haven't finished by my Asian cinema lecture (2.00), I'm just going to stop.

Anyway, had a FAB time. Got 'Trigun' Kubricks, a 13" Auron, a Stitch plushie (he's huge, and currently sitting on my lap XD), 'Gitaroo Man', comics and erm... I think that's all. Oh, and a 'Hymn Of The Fayth' ringtone for me phone. XD

And saw 'Lilo And Stitch'. This year, a year in which I have discovered such classics as 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly' and 'Singin' In The Rain', I still firmly maintain that 'Lilo And Stitch' is the best damn film I've seen all year. XD

Go Stitch!

RIght, back to friends entries...

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[2nd October 2002|22:52]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm a bad bad person. XD

Somehow, Kimahri learned Self-Destruct. Now I've taken to setting my other characters on him so he can get his Overdrive so I can make the poor dear explode. XD

It's not Ronso abuse, it's not!

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[1st October 2002|18:47]
Yami quizletCollapse )
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Hohum. [1st October 2002|17:30]
[ mood | mellow ]

Phallic? Meee?Collapse )

That's a really cool site, btw. I especially love the layout and the picture on the layout. :)

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Woo! [1st October 2002|14:40]
[ mood | amused ]

Anime Expo! An absolute RASH of Kenshin cosplay! Woohoo!

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WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! [1st October 2002|13:46]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm browsing fansview.com, collecting pictures of Selphie costumes (you can go entire cons without seeing a single Selphie then suddenly, loads appear all at once) and erm...

I've found my favourite ever Aeris cosplay. *dies laughing*


In a similar vein to the outright scary X/1999 cosplay but far far funnier and less "What the fuck!". XD

Anyhoo, back to the ol' grind. XD

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Hohum. [1st October 2002|11:04]
[ mood | nervous ]

Note to self: change ringtone. It's beginning to get Not Fun having 'Catch You Catch Me' stuck in my head every time someone phones me.

And yo, if anyone has yet built a machine that can make video game characters real, I have but one request. DANTE! *was playing 'Devil May Cry' until all hours last night* I feel sorry for my flatmates, if any of 'em were awake, they could probably hear me. XD "Come on, shinies, come to Papa Dante! Right! Bitches! Come get some! Bring it, bring it!" followed by meaningless drooly noises every time Dante did something sexy. Which was... ooh, approximately every three seconds. *looks innocent*

Anyway, time to go grovel at Caron, explain that fire alarms are not conducive to a good night's sleep and it *is* cool that I'm doing academic registration today instead of yesterday, like I should have, but couldn't because I wasn't awake in time. Hohum...

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Hohum. [30th September 2002|22:01]
[ mood | curious ]

Must stop staring at that girl over there. I think she has an anime t-shirt on but it's difficult to tell from this angle so I think she thinks I'm eyeing her up, but I'm not, I'm just wondering what's on her t-shirt. Dammit.

I should probably just go over - "'scuse me, what's on your t-shirt?" - I'll look less freaky that way...

Quizlets!Collapse )

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Woah! [30th September 2002|16:00]
[ mood | shocked ]

Just found a place online that sells Mithril patches (of which I need two) and Mithril badges (of which I need four) but... jesus christ, if I had $200, I'd buy something I wanted more!

Right, felt and t-shirt markers then! To Carmarthen! *dies*

[EDIT] - wait a sec, Australian dollars. What's that in real money? £66. Tough, I'm still not made of money. :P

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